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I am worth more than you assume,
you archaic man.
you Vidal Sasson.
I do the dishes,
but at the same time
dream of murder and moving up the ladder.
I am worth more than you assume,
you chauvinist lover,
you fateful groom.
I am worth more than you assume,
you judgemental harlot,
you economic boom.
I do the laudry,
but at the same time
dream about a greater future
not just the one in my womb.

Empty Stage, In Process

Script Synopsis Copyright 2014
EMPTY STAGE Four characters are dealing with personal crisis. Iris is an extremely positive individual, but life continues to treat her unfairly. Alice, rejected by everyone she meets, can’t control her emotional outburst. Ryan is a brave soul in small body. Karen is an overprotective mother who is losing her children to the “ways of the world.” These troubled individuals turn to internal philosophy, attempting to understand their trials. However, they fail to notice each other, while they rant about the meaning of life. Despite their self-centeredness, each character is affected by the other characters’ rants. Eventually, the four become good friends and overcome their personal trials.
Here is a sample:

A Play in One Act
Tamara Peachy

Cast of Characters
Iris: A fun loving woman with a secret. ---65. Alice: A fat, insecure female wresting with rejection ---20’s. Ryan: Karen: