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Broken God

A stranger once told me your name was Allah.
I spoke with a close friend and she warned me it was actually Yaweh.
I went to my dad and he instructed that your name was Jesus.
I read an epic tale about Zeus.
I spoke to myself and wondered about Confucius.
This mixture is forming a broken god.

Perception War

The question of another world suppressed by civil society.
Spiders, the demons, and the grandiosity.

Eyes pierce through the common air
to unravel what was hidden there.
A delusion or a discovery?
A hallucination or the holocaust of the unknown?

Perception is weighed on the ordinary scale
schizophrenic or sane, acceptable or not, wanted or worthless, beneficial or burned till ash.

Let the world decide what is productive and what is inappropriate.
Let the other world decide to force the warning on those unelightened eyes.
An invisible war.