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Drummer Boy

I don't want to give you my stupid drum.
I don't think it is worth anything.
It beats
It hurts the skin.
Jesus, something better than a drum
better than a manger.
I can't give you a drum,
I must give you my heart.

Protect and Serve

Michael, archangel, is she protected?
"Israel, you need not fear
for God knows nothing of divorce."

Tamara, little girl, is Israel in need?
"Israel, if I could save you, I would,
but God knows nothing of death.

Gabriel, sidekick,
save the church from all her atrocities,
for God knows nothing of division.

Bad Company

Bad Company:
dirty, smelly, proud, hicks, smokers, and drinkers.
Bad Company:
short, slow, overwhelmed, nervous, weird.
Bad Company:
poor, annoying, talkative, hopeful.
I am bad company.


Jesus, they said you had a demon.
Jesus, they said you hung out with the wrong people.
Jesus, they say you were the Bread of Life.
Jesus, they say your thoughts are worth listening tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Who are they?


I laugh at the current realm.
It seems far from Martin's dream.
Ha Ha Ha, I laugh at this realm.

I never lived then,
but Langston Hughes did.

Obligated to back him up and fight his battle.
Harlem, I never touched you.
Martin, never shook your hand.
Lincoln, I am not your man.
I am simply a girl trying to understand generations of war and peace.

To Tall

On the floor, silent.
Playing a game, I can't reach the net.
That hoop is high above, almost to the clouds.
But, I keep dreaming like my black brothers

whom I never met when I believed your words:  "You aren't tall enough".

Feb 21, 2011 9:08pm


All these children    alone
All these children    reserved
All these children     ready to move on from the brokenness and the loneliness.

She is ugly
She is creepy
She is old
She is an orphan at the age of thirty.

Broken Record

I love him.

I love him.

I love him.

I don't want to love him.

I don't want to love him.

They don't want me to love him.

They don't want me to love him.

They give me drugs to kill the pain and rejection

and then I hallucinate that he is with me.

I am a broken record.


it took some time
to heal.
              it took some time
  to forgive.
                     it took some time
     to listen.
                          it took some time
                   to see.

Sometimes we are together.

Stealing My Soul

You hear my words and don't pay a dime.
You criticize my charity tendencies.
You read and you leave my fellow writers in the dark.
Stealing our soul.
I can't gain the whole world,
so do continue please.

Paul, What About?

Paul, what about circumcision?
Paul, what about snakes?
Paul, what about generations?
Paul, what about mistakes?
Paul, what about persecution?
Paul, who was Jesus
and did he really come to save?
Paul, what about mercy?
Paul, what about judgement?

Paul, what about you?

Mother and Pancakes

I woke up Sunday morning,
my dad and sister made pancakes for the family.
My brother was impressed,
my eldest sister wasn't home.
I don't much like pancakes, I told my family.
"They are too flat."
"They are too circular."

she stayed home
The church couldn't help her.
The hospital couldn't help her.
The world couldn't help her.
I passed on the pancakes, so I could help her.
She was hungry.


Christ, are you ready to let me go?
Christ, do you stil seek me like when I was a child?
Christ, are you still near when I am far away.
When the flames come closer.
When the night cools the breeze.
Christ, will you save me
or would it be better to save Yourself from me?

In That Country

Shy na?
Shy na?
R u china
you Chinese or Japanese
are you a bomb or are you a new birth.
Is that dangerous to talk about it?
I don't mean to be scared
but my parents were...
Shy na?
Are you shy na?
Om or Oh no!

Writing and The Woods

I am an easy writer.
I am on my couch, falling in love with keys.
But, behind every good computer is a good creator.
So I run from all the technology to find a slave... I seek paper.
However, those trees lose their leaves when winter comes.
I look for solace in the face of my dad.
But, again my mother felt the back of his hand.
So, I run to paper to bring him to court.
But, that gavel is also made of wood.

Eye On U

Who? They put an EYE on me.
What, they put an EYE on me?
Where they put an EYE on me.
When they put a EYE on me.
Why do i still have two eyes?
How did they put an EYE on you?

Poe Etry

Poe you were remembered for yur dark, eccentric.
Emily, you were remembered for those things they didn't see or remember
Shakespeare, you were remembered (needd I say more)
Elliot, never read your stuff and forgot your first name.
Tamara, Tammy, Tam Tam, Tomorrow
Will you remembermy true Name.


Who do you belong to
Who do you go to
What will happen next
What will take me where I want to go
Who do I belong to
he's greater

A Doll

A Doll
She is fine when sheworks
But I don’t much care for her when shedoesn’t
Bend or break.
But, I am a doll myself
A BarbieDollKen.
So who was the manufacturer
and HIS or her work?

Black Out

This list of life is long and personal. It is sacred and insightful. It inspires and it challenges. It is important and necessary. It is wanting the best and seeking the pure.

Now I realize my words are shortened and quick: less pensive and detailed. I care for those who need the truth, but fear they will mishandle it.

Blackout or no black out?