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Now we allure you off to places of eternal where few have touched.
You are swept away by an unfamiliar grace.
You are riveted by a blazing attraction only visible in the supernatural realm.
Your hand is weak with the motivation of strength as someone draws near.
You hear within this enthralling voice the hum of melody and harmony.
The song is a song of yearning that laments a slight separation.
He pronounces truth in a breath.
The wispy breath enters your very soul with violence.
You are more cautious, yet captivated.

“I have longed to carry you away to the garden of complete seclusion.
It is here that one can find fruit of sweetest taste and purity ignites.
I will capture you in an embrace where no shame is found.
There unadulterated passion is pulsating from the earth.
For it has mourned for such a day to come forth.
So heaven can respond with shouts of joy.
For my sacrifice has bought your redemption and now I can’t take my eyes off you.”

God of the universe you glance at me and I am burnt.
I still…