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Not Yours

My love is not your love.
My love doesn't dance the same.
My love doesn't sing the same.
My love swirls to a different wind.
My love is a mysterious love that can't be restrained.
You want to steal my love and restructure it for your purpose.
But, my love is not your love.

Words Expressed

I know the words I express
do not express me.
Limited by the words of man,
Babylon confusion.
I speak and the words fail.

Yet, the praises of my lips never fail.
Given to the Creator, reaching His throne.
My tongue is evil and restless,
but my lungs support the holy, as I sing from a pure Spirit.
My words fall to the ground, dead.
but my praises raise to heaven.


Adam and Eve. you and I. Treasuring Father’s garden. Searching Eden’s boundaries. Divine pleasure covers this fresh earth like a garment. We cultivate together. Within our discovery, 
we know little of rain, 
we watch blossoms flourish with its mysterious power. Words spoken, “Let there be…” Moon and Sun. A molding of creation, ending with male and female. You and me. Two simple, naked lovers naming creatures. Discerning the final victory for all human kind, to walk with Him in the cool of the day and to transport darkness to light.