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Jerusalem and Her Creator

I read a poem entitled "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg for my Critical Literature class. It gave me the desire to write a poem about Jerusalem. Here is that poem:
Western Wall
Garden of Gethsemane
Dome of the Rock

They wear the ceremonial garb and display the law as a treasure.
They walk through the streets with crosses on their backs.
They bow down five times a day.
We admit these three cultures fight, gnarl, and bite.
They breathe the same air: his breath is hot, his is cold, and his is lukewarm.
Israel, they fight day and night with words and philosophies.
But, the trees are in bloom and the blue sky is one color.
The dirt streets are not partial to sandals, sneakers, or bare feet.

They may be divided, but the earth beneath them sings of One Creator.