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A Foolish Creation

The sun gossips. I eavesdropped to hear this scorching vixen say,
“Earth’s inhabitants and the catastrophe!”
“They are wild and insignificant.”
“They are unfortunate and without fire.”
“They will not last.”

She is cruel and relentless in her hushed speech. She secretly hates them with lava heat.

The sun pleasurably listens to the moon’s scandalous talk. "These beings are infinitesimal and the ugliest of art.”
“They are foolish and ephemeral.” “They don’t know their insignificance.”

These two globes are a pair of conspirators. A pair of cataclysmic companions who know our final day.

The stars listen to this intrigue. They say very little in our defense.
They are enthralled spectators in this cosmos conversation.

Suddenly, the greater universe breaks into the conversation to say,

“Sun, you are lonely because you will never know love.”
“Moon, you have nothing to hold.”
“Stars, you are spineless and cold.”
“These humans are His and you have been fooled.”