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Thunder Run

Thunder, do not leave me.
I need your hit.
I need your rage.
I need your sudden struck, hit, hot.
Don't leave me here: mundane, singing lullaby, nurture, sleep.
Thunder, do not escape.
Bring back your raging slap.
Thunder, you running with me on that hidden railroad.
Your rage keeps me running.
Don't leave me here
or I will sleep
and captured, I will be.
Thunder, do not dare you leave me.
You are my master
who keeps me running.


God, do You really want eternity?
Forever remembering
us and our flaws.
Hearing the screams of hell,
and the off-key chorus of heaven?
God, do you ever want Your life to end?
Simply give up.
Take the path of Judas, the rope pulled tight?
Throw in the towel.
Rest in peace.

Or is Your life the raging fire
that consumes even water?
A zeal that cannot end
even if

The End

Since the earth took her violently,
all will fade similarly.

Her brightness ended,
so all will blacken.
I now know the final of all mankind.
since my sister's death.
She is the prediction of all life.
For if her fate was decided so terribly,
then all men will die in likeness.
For she was pure and sweet,
giving and understanding.
All men will die in tragedy and live peacefully and eternally.


Pregnant words in your womb.
Contractions come too soon.
Everyone needs to know!
Sadly, no one cares.
Critical crazy… named insanity…

All the medications will end the euphoria and soothe the terror.
Your extremes will become mundane.
Your radical will become palatable.
Cherished memories tucked in your pocket,
Chemicals hide your truth,
the voice duck taped in the back of the trunk.

She needs to scream, “Kidnapped!” “Trapped!”
“Needing to get out!”
"Raped and pillaged" "Enslaved and filled with doubt!"