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Work in Progress

The Little Revolution By: Tamara Peachy
Cast List Rachel Linheart Daniel White Peter Lock Alex Dalve

Low-end studio apartment in Washington DC. Room is cluttered with Pro-Life protest signs, and Pro-Life flyers are stacked on the desk and coffee table. RACHEL is sitting at the desk, typing on a laptop computer. DANIEL is using a stencil to create another Pro-Life sign that will read: If It’s Not A Baby, Then You’re Not Pregnant.
Rachel: (Stops typing) It’s useless. I’m useless. DANIEL: You’re not useless. Rachel: I’ll just summarize my thoughts in a flowery tweet. Who needs a lengthy article? DANIEL: (Annoyed) Not the twitter argument again. Rachel: Who wants to read a brainy article about injustice when one can read a Facebook status about farts? DANIEL: You are delusional. There are thousands of intellectual activists salivating for a tantalizing read. Rachel: You live in an activist bubble. DANIEL: A what? Rachel: An activist bubble. All your friends rage at injustice, but you ignore the fact th…


I say this because.
I don't think he knew what he was saying.
You know for a fact, you weren't working.
You don't know anything about the economy.
We just need more government jobs.

Speak the Truth

My Spirit faints, my flesh is weak.
The world marks me with unexpected events.
They give me hidden fame and a feast of milk without honey or apples.
They don't know the divide, but they rest in his shadow.

Help, Make me Jealous

Sing Zion Sing. I wish for her lips to sing the praise I was unable to sing. The words robbed from a prostitute. The wife of the lamb.
She tosses her head like a lion,
but turns away from the mane, her protector.
I ask her to sing as I am mute and paralyzed.
A child in torment, a product of divorce.
God loves his child who is neglected by a mother.
Mommy, I cry. Mommy, I am falling from your arms.


Trouble on every side, in parallel universes and at the big bang.
Step forward to the direction they gave.

Hoping there isn’t a cliff or a lion
because I am only a child
in a kingdom for the poor, weak, and lowly.
My capacity to fly or fight is based on this spirit made of chemicals unseen.

I Know Not

Wrath of God, I fear it. For I hear of fire, rage, and destruction. I hear of death and blood seeping into the ground. But, I know nothing of justice. For wrath’s fire rests on a heavenly candle, touching muddy earth.