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Strings of My Heart

This is an intimate retelling of how God used a piano to tenderize my heart. The youtube video is of a song that connects to the story. I want to thank my classmate, Mindy, for being transparent and sharing her gift. I want to thank the Oyerindes for making my transition to Upland a possibilty.

The Keys of a Piano
By Tamara Peachy

I had been on campus for an entire semester. I confidently called The University of Evansville my new home. By the second semester, I was well acquainted with my friends’ laughter and smiles. I had observed them praying with fervency in the campus’s chapel. I had heard their testimonies about the greatness of God. I witnessed them finding their true satisfaction in genuine worship. The beauty of worship, this is where my story becomes mysterious and glorious.

As a worshipper, I relied heavily on my vocal talents. I would sing backup for worship teams, and I would harmonize with those crazy sopranos. When I received an invitation to be a worship leader, I had to …