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Adam, In His Image

I am still deciding if I even like this! I know what the revelation was that God gave me. But I was not able to put it in words. I just can't get over the fact that Jesus took on flesh. It is messing with me and I tried/failed to put it in writing.

Adam, In His Image.I own this new expression that fails to attach itself to paradise.
In the heat of the day I walk alone.
I have not the form I was given.
My speech is weaker now.
My laughter breaks to lament.
My life is ebbing away.
I labor, I toil, I sweat, I ponder.
I have bowed low to hear a lie and bent low to hear the ponderings of a snake.
I have mastered sorrow and I have grown faint.The future I see not.
I only see a thorn, a cross, I witness my naked flesh.
Sun scorched back.
Made in His Image.
For this fruit I stole, He made Himself reflect that.

Still in the Motion

He left me mid encounter sitting on the floor there to ponder.
The world I sat upon kept rotating around the sun.
The mothers in labor couldn't hold back the birth.
The clouds kept moving, and the stars reeled overhead.
I couldn’t stop his motion, couldn’t stop the tear I shed.
The grass rose higher and the tree grew wider.
I hadn’t the power to hold him back with the ounce of love I had given.
He kept moving and I, well I kept living.
Motionless, but still breathing.

Divine Depression

My treasure was dirt for a time.
My luxury was the grime.
Ashes weren't loathsome to me.
Weeping was a pleasantry.
Even the darkness will not be dark to You.

I look not at a perfect complexion, but a broken face.
What visual have we given our Godly divine race?
He was scourged I remember.
Choosing not a spring day, but a winter.
Even the darkness is not dark to You.

So I eat crumbs when given a feast.
I dine on water when that is the least.
I let my bones age
As I dance in holy rage.
Even the darkness wasn’t darkness to You.

Let It Be More Than Metaphors

The Bride’s Bible

Pages draped across a leather binding
Are mixed with ink formed to writing.
Behold a poetic journey of love.
A dressing up of holy verse?
Let it be more than a metaphor.

Bride of desire revealed in book as pure.
Torture if rejected and made for leisure.
Pomegranates, garden tapestry
A melodic temptation
Let it be more than a metaphor.

Banquet table, satisfying cravings beneath.
Clothed in white, surrounded by gold.
Looking on God's flesh.
A bride to be
Let it be more than a metaphor.

In an instant beholding
Searching more than a story
Sharing life in covenant
Marriage eternal
Let it be more than a metaphor.