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Thought of Me

(This is dedicated to Josh for giving me the motivation to speak of the Love of the Father)

To say God is captivating would be an understatement. At the full revelation of the Godhead there will enter divine pleasure that will grip us for eternity. His beauty is unmatched and this is verified in the spirit man. His enormous power radiates an invitation of undefiled attraction. This beauty is tangible in human form and worthy of seeking out. God goes to great length to describe His physical beauty in the gospels. Often these descriptions fail to reach our appreciation. These veiled comparisons fail to unlock the richness. Revelation states His hair is as white as wool for example. This is biblically sound and holds the weight of inerrancy. But the complete understanding of this physical revelation has not reached its full potential. If we had full understanding into this feature of His hair being as white as wool we would radiate full purity. We would know His authority and sovereignty …


You move invisible You speak inaudible You breath undetectable You dance unseen You sing soft yet your affection is near You draw me in to mystery. God of a vast, telling universe. God of a quiet, gentle voice.


My possession of the first command is laid out bare. I will allow all to see the affection I lavish on You. My vows are to love you beyond my capacity. To kiss the Son endlessly. To stir His groan and steal His gaze. To love with heart exposed. To need with no requirement. To haunt His steps till I find His fullness. To simply love.