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Stoop Low

His vastness, near His depth, appear His presence, bending to creation His length, stretching beyond me. Reveal the milk and honey. Grace poured on your lips, and you who had fingertips. A God of mystery, stepping on a land, seen by those who didn't know Him. Crying out in a wilderness. Fire is on every side hidden from their eyes.

Why Do They Rage?

In all their glory, the taunt. In all His glory, silence. In all their glory they stand shaken. In all His glory He stands with a whip. In all their glory they rage. In all His glory He is bathed in annointing. In all their glory they come to nothing. In all His glory His is the Alpha and Omega. In all their glory they sentence Him to death. In all His glory His willingly accepts. In all their glory they reap what the sow. In all His glory He moves the stone.

Punishing Love

Where for art thou Romeo
I cast the idol.
This lover will take Your place tonight?
This emptiness will feed my flesh.
This conjured emotion will deny my lack of words.
Oh how this description will fail again.
What idols I have fashioned,
how they ridicule me and steal my love.
For a fleeting beauty I waste effort.
For a single glimmer of false hope I make the heart sick.
Burn oh Lover with jealousy
that I may come to the end of all I created outside of Thee.
For I long to give an answer.
But HE alone is my word.
In charging You to love Him oh earth
I have sent you to your grave.
For this love is unyeilding.

Essay on Aboriton

There are many cases, discussions, and considerations as to why abortion is either permissible or intolerable. Heated debates have climaxed to violent hatred resulting in the abortion clinics being raided with gun shots and the decapitation of children at the moment of birth. This matter is weighted and a lengthy undertaking. Approaching it with mere emotion is toxic, but disregarding all emotion is callous. Is abortion a grey area? Is this medical procedure falling under a category of relative truth? Truly if the underlining case for abortion is the right to privacy then our government has deemed women able to make moral decisions based on their own conviction and beliefs. These convictions not strained by an outside dominating influence. We live in a democratic society where religion or in some cases morality is not to be forced upon anyone. As we spend time pondering this political landscape more children have been swept away and chosen for destruction. A principle problem with abo…

Brother's Dwelling

Where will you dwell? Together or separate? David stood weeping. Jonathan embracing, kissing. A friendship of holy sacrifice. Jonathan giving up his standing as king. David knowing His anointing would eventually shine. Would it decide this sacred friendship. Where will you dwell? Together I hope.


Make my wilderness like Eden Hide me in the sand parched land. Make my wasteplaces a miracle as mannah comes from Your hand. Lead me by the oasis that is temporally seen. As I reach the illusion and then remind myself You are all that I need. Make my wilderness like Eden. Allure me off to places I have yet to see. Make my wasteplaces a luxary, while on my Lover I lean.