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The Roles of a Son

This is still a work in progress...

Her psychedelic eyes belong to His covenant community.
Her hair, dyed rainbow, does not disobey His ancient commandments.
Our blood manifests diverse.
Our hearts pump distinctive.
Our calls erupt unalike.
Yet the Christians are one.

His posture is stoic and his minstrel monotone.
His tie is perfectly straight, and his hair sliced parallel to his forehead.
Our demeanor displays poles apart.
Our faces gaze toward different angles.
Our breath is thick or thin.
Yet the Christians are one.

Yeshua is between two condemned men, robbers and thieves.
He is the only one born sinless and must hold himself up, if he wishes to breathe.
The Son of God asks for forgiveness.
The Son of Man asks for forgiveness.
The Son asks for forgiveness.
And the Christians are one.

Who is Judas?

Who is Judas?

I wait for my husband to fall asleep. I ascend the attic stairs. My King James Bible lays buried under a pile of retired college text books. My hand grazes the leather cover to remove the collected dust. I might offend God if I flip the golden-lined pages without reverence. I cautiously turn to the index. My finger scrolls the list of topics to find it, the name Judas.
An unshaven, obese man sets a Starbucks coffee on the courtesy counter. A cigarette lingers on his breath, and I politely mute my cough. He looks at me with peeked interest. I reposition my low-cut shirt closer to my neck. I instinctively smile because that is what a receptionist is paid to do.
“The coffee is for you,” he says.
An elderly lady in the waiting room pulls her purse to her chest. I see her pale blue eyes scrutinizing the man’s dress and judging his character by it. She places a handkerchief over her mouth. I attempt to say thank you to the man, but he hurriedly turns to leave. He leans into the…


The length from heaven to earth
is shorter than my porch step.
He's coming soon!
Riding on a white horse
whose stride is wider than the ocean.
His voice is faster than time.
He's coming soon!
The gladness of His heart is revealed
on the day of His wedding.
He's nearer than you know.
He's Emmanuel.
He's the Holy Spirit.