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Secular world you have fallen.
Expectations of your glory and pleasure have fallen.

Yet of Him, He has surpassed all expectations.
We hold to Him.
More glory than one might assume.
More glory than one could explain.

Secular world you have displayed your splendor with zeal and fight.
Expressions in various venues and languages.
You present your saga with vigor and noise.
Wishing to capture all.
Your proclamation is a false trumpet.

God, sacredly concealing His beauty and glory.
Only reveals in consecrated time,
and all the glory contained in Him is more than we can contain inside.
Yet, His Spirit resides.
Ever fascinating and enrapturing us.
Destroying the world’s beauty, and we willingly and hastily leave its failure behind.
To commune with Him.

Treasure Map

You are a dark map
with no path to treasure.
Haunting me.
I follow your wavy lines,
hoping for direction
without an end.
Explanation as to why you came and entered.
Pierced my flesh and became me.
Thrived in my life, only to leave.
You are a dark map
with no path to treasure
only burnt edges.