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Morning News

I was alive during those days.
Those days were dark, but no one noticed because of the haze.
We all walked on the sidewalk, we all drove on the street.
We all watched TV, we all used air conditioning to avoid the heat.
But, we were killing babies, we were killing babies.

I survived those days.
Those unpleasant sunrises, they gave way to sunsets.
We all laughed at jokes, we all ate hot dogs with ketchup.
We all danced to the music, we all washed our dirty dishes.
But, we were killing babies, we were killing babies.

I remember those days.
They can't ever be forgotten, despite my best efforts, those days were certain.
We all woke up one morning, we all made our beds after waking.
Poured some orange juice, read the morning news.
What was it saying?
We are killing babies, we are killing babies.

Naked Finger

Remember you and me,
forget us.
Remember this and that,
forget these and those.
Remember his and hers,
forget ours.

Ownership disconnected.
Love ended.

Remember mine and yours,
forget ours.
Remember one and the other one
Forget two.

I had a ring,
now I remember a naked finger.