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Anthem of heaven incased in this CD on the market.
A devotion song reformed to a green collection in his pocket.
Culture how it has sought us!
Taken our reverence and bought us!
Worship sowing designer clothes for the artist.
Melodies in bondage begin to simulate the masses.
We have the radio to blare the repeat.
Give us our fame and retreat
This noise of adoration motivates a half hearted beat on the steering wheel.
We can no longer own the heart and we can’t preach our message.
We are just a copy of a man’s heart once spilled to His maker
given over to another to do as he so pleases. We are bought. Owned.

I want to work on this one. It seems a little hard to follow. I want it to be concrete and to the point but still lyrical. Any comments or suggestions?


How divine and untouched
the purity of God.
How like not another.
How mysterious and unable to be measured.
Do I compare You to
the drink of wine,
the taste of grape,
the power of nard,
the depth of an earthquake?
Even a star burning bright still it does fade.
He is Creator, unmade.
As the earth groans and meditates
it collapses and shakes.
As a human, I do not understand fully
that the Miracle of heaven owns Holy.
His purity that I fear to face
I will, on glorious day, attain by grace.