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My queen is a lioness
My king is gentle
My words exploit
And they conceal.
Problem with love is
It has been taken from me.
We stoned a woman and put a man on a cross.
Violence is ingrained in our lives
And I still eat my milk and honey.


-Do I come along or do I remain alone.
-Do I stay connected or do I run from
-Do I need a computer to find my love
-Do I need a Christian to tell me what is real
-Maybe I wasn’t even looking, even though I thought I could search
-because when I see His beauty it hurts and then is beautiful
-What stopped me again
You think you are searching for Him
and then you find me and the rest of us.
Unity is a breath of fresh air if you breath.

Gambling in Water

I linger in a submerged stance just to know the gasping breath above.
A glory hold, stays below, and then intently comes forward-as if giving birth.
The rush of safety- only by possible death.
The body paralyzed, the body alert, the eyes tense…
Will the light beckon me upward, as before?
The lungs beneath dependent on thin lips.
I come above the azure surface layer.
I breathe as if it will never occur again.
As life continues, I forget I am breathing
till I return to test my limits yet again.

The Technology Inside Me

I see you peering at my screen
As the electricity is entering my fingers through a keyboard of lust
the next rage, the plan’s next step, the “the” and how we define it.
a race against the clock, tick took off the tock.
Come be a rapper or sing a melody.
With all this twitter, I am losing the true me. I love and hate technology.
Spell check told me to change and I lost me again and again and it will happen again.
Writing and burning, writing and burning, lust and how I am returning.

My Book come from a Culture?

Here we are, here we are.
running away from the darkness....
and here it comes, running after us....
looking for revival and deliverance.
And the power of God comes to come.

Peace I come for peace
sinking into a water
coming back up to come.

Culture coming down into her
for her to go to a culture...