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Mighty fire,
why do you continue to haunt me?
Mercy will cover my children.
God I ask for Your love.
Oh, God come to your children.
When they continue to fight against me.
Come like the rain.

Coming soon

Coming soon.
Coming soon.
Why am I the only one who thinks you're coming soon.
Maybe because you already came to me.
And I need you to again.
Because it was too wonderful to forgive.


Water is my soul mate.
It is a tear down my cheek.
Water is my soul mate.
It is the world's drink.
It is the world's salvation
when the children are thirsty.


I will come, Lord.
Now that You have called.
I will come to that grave.
I will come, Lord.
As you have called.
I will come, Lord.
To the resting place.
I am finally ready to let this world go.

Now You Wonder

You are the one who stirs my pain
in every way.
You and you're evil ways.
You held my hands and confessed your heart breaking ways.
Yes. You.
You and your blue eyes and brown hair.
Devilish smile and Christian prayer.
You dared to enter my sanctuary and praise.
You said you would think about loving me.
You said I was like a proverbs wife,
loving God and loving my neighbor.
A perfect wife to love.
But who wants that?
So you left me and broke my heart.
I wasn't your style.
And now you wonder why the world is falling apart.
Yes, you broke the wrong girl's heart.
You devil

My Escape

Reality escapes me,
is this a tragedy?
I would rather live on the TV.
Where broken actors live on subsidy.
Becoming my hero.
Becoming my escape.
Preaching a new reality
a freedom
I will live there.


Mother Lisa,
When I speak with you,
I never know if you hear me, or if I am communicating.
Is it the past?
Can we not let it go?
Are we thinking about everyone else?
When we sit across the table from one another,
I remember your smile and your mercy.
You and me,
and no other distractions.
Lisa, you are my mirror.
Until the kids scream for momma,
until the husband needs the dishes done,
till Grandpa preaches religion,
till Grandma is in pain.
Till I just want to talk with you.
You work is never done.

My little sister

I would make you a queen
immortalize your name,
I would make you the world
and sing your praise
at the top of my lungs
for your glory
and my shame.
For your beauty
and my failure.
you are my treasure.


Stay with me when you are lonely,
when you are lost in the cold,
when you need to cross the railroad crossing
without your father's hand.
Stay with me,
I'll lead you to a warm, cozy Walgreens,
where they sell drugs to cure my paranoia.

Hero dad

A bit confused
my father
as he paces
the floor
hopeful to find rest for his children
and from his wearisome mind.
He will carry us to heaven
on his strong shoulders.
He was our hero.
He is our hero.
In the back of my mind.

No longer drowning.

Today my father drowned me out.
He used his earbuds.
He wanted to listen to his technology
because it was more entertaining than my little body.
Today my father drowned me out
because I didn't have an arc immaculate enough to interest him.
He put his earbuds in his ears.
So I ran to the Father's house
and prayed for the world to hear me,
so I would no longer be fatherless.


Total work
adds to more work
to add the boundary of where not to work.
Where you must explore more work.
to work to the retirement.
where you must ponder why you worked so long to