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I am invisible
Dare you, embark on a constant misapprehension.
Your perception haunting the reality.
Tainting the truth.
I speak, but a riddle remains.
I muse and you hear it not.
How I deceive unwillingly.
I make a gesture,
Form a breath,
Send a glance
With fallen eye you will try to obtain
Truly in vain.
Fighting to identify the tragedy within
or the joy contained.
Locked away, concealed
But still real .
How these realities are captive
Held by skin and murderous paraphrases.
It is futile to weary yourself For I escape even myself.

Kisses Undeserved

Ever pleasant never coming with lack. Kisses from a blazing thrown room usher their attack. My inner avoidance can't escape full pleasure when grace ushers this kiss forth. My troubled heart says, how is this so? As the God of love compels that man does not know. I assure myself He will keep His distance. It is a mere fiction I read. But God in endless jealousy
won't heed. Gentle to propose with violence underneath. Grace has none to oppose and needs no reprieve. As His lips touch my weak and vulnerable hesitation I find my true jubilation. A holy igniting of passion so pure that revelation of His coming is no longer obscure. For He is unable to hold back this kiss He foreknew. He is fixed and needs no council. He is coming and will not delay.


Why has He ventured away?
His authoritative distance mastering me,
making me worthless to find.
Violent tossing and turning
in the midst of an empty gaze.
I have no power to control Him,
no word to usher Him forth.
He declares His beauty and sings the love song,
in the midst of shadow.
Holding out for the wedding day,
Holding out for a wedding kiss.
His patience, a constant piercing,
a constant ache.
Oh glorious presence
how long have you eluded my search.
Oh glorious appearing
how long you have burdened my soul.
On earth I am fallen.
Earth, how you have stolen my Treasure
and mocked my pursuit.

Love’s Expectancy

You shake soft
as you envision the loss.
You muse on the end.
It is displayed in your reluctant eyes.
They gaze down ready for defense.
She must be deceptive.
For in the midst of your terror,
Her affection is devoted.
She is captivated by the utterance of your love.
She is taken.
You hold Love's breath, fearful of rejection.
And yet she comes undone when you expose love’s revelation.
You shake soft
as you slowly fight against your deception,
for she returns with affection.
While this doubt lingers,
She calls to you to acknowledge her illusive confession.
You shake soft and she will endeavor with a frail reply
to give you rest and welcome.
But love is not displayed rightly by her reaction.
Never convincing.
For her love is beyond your expectant vision.