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Lioncloth Idol

There are concept and theologies that are needful of reverence and trembling because they deal with the humanness of God. They deal with the reality that God became as one of us. He came in human form, exposed himself to the elements, lived within the earthly limits, and even embraced death on a cross. Essentials of his humanity have been overlooked and demeaned due to an undisclosed fear in the Christian circles. This fear is grounded because the scripture itself says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But one must also assume that the depth of love displayed in God’s human nature is as well worthy of seeking out. In this arena we do not throw off the fear of the Lord, but wholly embrace it. We embrace areas of God that are holy and therefore tremble at His word. And this, my beloved, is in the realm of the state of undress of the Son of Man. The moments in scripture where the Lord disrobed Himself and proved that He indeed took on flesh. He disrobed before He was…

In The Mirror

As she touches the surface of her mirror this potrait eludes reality. For her defined description is merely at a loss. Evidence of herself is subsiding. She will fade as the grass. She will melt like the ice. She will leave like the wave upon the shore.
Seek her no more.
Vanity calls and asks for a return. To see again the curves, the depth, the creation. For a moment of elation. But, for a moment she remembers the figure has not defined her. The reflection has faded as she has grown stronger.