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A return to the pen on paper.
Ink from the soul splurged on a white sheet.
Will you consume my smorgasbord of spelling and reprieve?
An art that dies will resurrect a need for transparency.
Return to poetry.
The ache to master the language of the babbling baby.
The need to communicate as an adult.
Shakespeare expectations meet cliche.
I am not a poet, but I write as I grieve.


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Copyright 2017 Tamara Peachy I am naut pregnant. I just have an extended belly from late night popcorn, chewed all alone. I am not having a baby. I just look like I carried a burden for nine months. I am not seeking out a midwife because I don't want to know about pain. I am not taking prenatals because I just have an empty uterus that bleeds randomly. I am not dating because I understand responsibility.


The swirl of the cutting knife... the slash of the open wound... heals in body and in soul. The day I look toward comes sooner than the pain. If I remember to lift my face above the beam of flooding water. Will this day be always as beautiful or will another slice bring me to bleed? It matters not now. It matters that today is a good day, not a death.

I Will

I will His pleasure be. The luscious holiness of His gaze will silence my armies. My cruel boredom and apathy will fall asleep,  waking pleasantly as a lifted voice of desire for wholeness. I will His pleasure be. Crawling out of the mud to dress in royal white as a bridal song. Leaving everything that had me bound to carry His weight till His kingdom more fully come.